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Bangladeshi Web Directory is an international free website directory for Bngladesh.
To directory any Bangladeshi or relevent to Bangladeshi websites, blogs or forums can be added respect folowing rules:

* The site must be Bangladeshi or relevant to Bangladesh.
* The site must not contain any illegal content.
* The site must not already appear in the Bangladeshi Web Directory.
* The site must not contain any parts under construction.


The useres of Bangladeshi Web Directory has only the right to browse this directory for Bangladeshi sites, blogs or forums. They can also use our search engine to find out Bangladeshi websites, blogs or forums.

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Site owners can only submit their website, blog or forum which is made for bangladesh or relevent to bangladesh. If Site owners want to submit their site in our directory for free then they are must to follow our submit instructions. They have to paste our given code in their sites or they can use Bangladeshi Web Directory for a little pay otherwise we will take legal action against them whose are breaking our terms. We will take legal action against them whose will do spaming. We will not liable for any system crash.


We will try to give our best for advertisers. We have a cheap rate for advertising. Please respect folowing rules for advertising in Bangladeshi web directory:
1.For any important reason your ad discloser date can be change.
2.After getting money advertise will be published.
3.Advertise will be published who will come and pay first.
4.For any system crash we are not liable.
5.We will take legal action against defolder.

We are mainting a proper advertising system.

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Must read: The people who will break our terms we will take legal action against them and they must face law.