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Dhaka Cantonment Board of Bangladesh

Dhaka Cantonment of Bangladesh was declared through notification 425 (A) Gazette. He No-52 in 1952 .Dhaka Cantonment and Cantonment Board are the greatest and the biggest of all Cantonment in Bangladesh. Cantonment Board started its activities in Dhaka Cantonment on 22 December 1951 Cantonment Boards are controlled by the Directorate of Military lands and Cantonment. At that time the office of the Directorate of military lands & Cantonment was in Rowalpind. The first CEO of Dhaka Cantonment Board was Masud Ali khan had been on service there from 22/12/51 to 10/04/52. Though at the beginning the area of Dhaka Cantonment was 490 . 31 acres, now its area is 3804. 9145 acres . Cantonment Board is a serving organization . like MunicipalCity corporation, Cantonment Board performs responsibilities as a local govt. To perform all those responsibilities Cantonment Board requires a lot of money But as income of Cantonment Board is very much less than its expenses, generally It has to depend on governments donation cantonment Board and all infrastructures under the Board are established on c type lands .
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