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Bangladesh Export-Import Business

Live preview of Bangladesh Export-Import Business
Site Description is a site where you will able to do your export import business world wide. We will show all of our exporting product in this site.
We will export:
  • Sea Food:  Lobster, Shrimp, Silver Pomfret, Hilsa, Eel Fish, Live Mud Crabs, Natural  Fresh Fish and various kind Dry Fishes with Bangla Hidol.
  •  Jute Products:Geo Jute(soil saver), Hessian, Triangle &Square, Carpet Backing Cloth, Sacking Bag, Jute Yarns, Hessian Bag, Jute Bag, Wall Covering Cloth/ Hessian, Wool pack, Tarpaulin and Canvas Cloth, Laminated Fabric and Bag, Cable Yarn, Dyed CBC, Caddies, Jute Thread Waste, Jute Nursery  Cloth, Jute Webbing Jute Bales, Jute Felt, Sacking cloth, Rope Roll-Up  and Jute foot wear.
  • Vegetable Products: Potato,Bean,Spinach,Brinjal,Snakegourd,pea,Carrot,Radish,Aram,Tomato,Cabbage, Gourd, Lady’s finger, Parable, Cucumber, Cauli flower,Amra, Angeled-loofah, Bitte-gourd, Green papaw, Green banana and etc. FruitsProducts:Mnago,Palm,Paneapple,Banana,Guava,Papaw,Berry,Plum,Jack-fruit,Water-melon,Lemon,Hog plum, Star-apple, Lichi, Wood apple,Betel-nut and Shaddock.
  • Frozen Food and Other Product: Frozen vegetable, Mixed Frozen vegetable,,Spicy Powder,Pharata,Rice Ruti,Ruti,Vegetable Singara,Vegetable Samusa,,Spring Roll,Vegetable Roll,Puri,Muri, Phitha,Khagur Phatale,Sugarcane Phatale,,Bangla Snacks FoodElectric goods etc.
  • Various IT SOLUTION(Services)
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